DIAMOND is one of the classical club DJ effects designed and created uniquely, really ideal for clubs, bars, disco halls, small events, musical shops, mobile DJs, cabarets, etc.

*RGBA 4 in 1 LED rotating derby effects plus 5mm led matrix effects into one fixture,projection covering large areas

*IEC AC IN/OUT to daisy chain power

*LED display

*RGBA 4 IN 1 15W combined LED to create derby effec ts by rotating, 5mm led matrix effects

*Equipped with 2*RGBA 4 IN 1 15W combined LED+64*high MCD 5mm LEDs, red/green/blue each 24/24/16 pcs

AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 60W 

0-30Hz separate strobe
DMX 512 protocol, master/slave, auto, sound active with adjustable sound sensitivity

7 DMX channel modes

Displaying off 5 seconds automatically after finishing sets of the fixture

Beam Angle (matrix): 40°
Field Angle (derby): 50°
Coverage Angle (derby): 60°
Environmental temperature: -20℃ to 40℃

Hanging brackets included

Net weight: 4.20Kgs                  






Channel 1 – color selections,color changing for derby effects

Channel 2 – strobe I

Channel 3 – motor rotations

Channel 4 – LED matrix effects

Channel 5 – strobe II

Channel 6 – preset shows

Channel 7 –running speed adjustments



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